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Let it be known!

2014-04-26 22:12:13 by MekMob

How yall doing? I'm still here but as i have just received word of ClubCreates demise. It has been eradicated from the interwebs so until i find another site or just buy my own equipment, no more music :(. But i have just received my first job so that equipment could be arriving sooner than later. Other than that peace guys!

Still Alive

2013-10-24 20:08:01 by MekMob

I'm still here but I am going threw the same problems with the files for music but to keep up with me go to my instagram page and hit that follow or Kik me.
Instagram:My Insta

New song in production!!

2013-07-23 00:24:52 by MekMob

I know its been a while since my last song but blame the site that I use it just refuses to let me download mp3 files now. But don't fret because 2 other songs along with this one are waiting in line to have their mp3 files mastered for download.

ClubCreate is shittin' all over my music by not letting me download the .mp3 files talkin' bout " We are mastering the download. Please wait.". My n***a its been 3 weeks how long is this shit gonna take. So don't think that I've quit on my project just blame ClubCreate. Also some more news, I will start making videos on Youtube so sub me on there. As you all know I do enjoy video games and shit and i'm pretty damn funny to most people so I will Implement both of those on 2 channels. I have been kind of sick lately so I haven't been online as much. And I am working on a partnership with a few people to make vids.

I am open to any questions that any of you have you can PM me on here and I will answer them.

Thank you for your time and love- MekMob

----____--->New Song "Weight" Click link!!!!!!!! <----___----

2013-07-02 16:02:32 by MekMob

Weight by MekMob

Song of The Day---7/1/13

2013-07-01 16:56:57 by MekMob

Video: RustedMedia
Song: Find You by Skrux & Felxprod (Clark Kent Remix)
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Song of The Day---6/30/13

2013-06-30 19:51:23 by MekMob

Video From: dubstep
Song Hold On by Nervo (Glow Team Remix)

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Puttin in work right now!

2013-06-30 16:53:06 by MekMob

I'm working on at least 2 different songs right now so I'm a little overrun but both sound pretty good so far I put a lot of work into both so hope you guys like it! O yeah I've noticed that I'm not getting a lot of fans so if you guys could get mi name out there i would appreciate it!

Song of The Day---6/29/13

2013-06-29 18:15:56 by MekMob

Video: vitaldubstep
Song: What if I told you by Fytch
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My bad...

2013-06-26 17:43:03 by MekMob

My work on the promised song has been put on halt because people don't know how how to respect people's shit. My progress on the song was erased because I left the page open and someone shut the computer off before I could save it when I left to run some errands. O well, shit happens for a reason...But I will pick up the pieces and come back from this BS.