Ok, we have problems...---UPDATES---

2013-07-11 22:31:39 by MekMob

ClubCreate is shittin' all over my music by not letting me download the .mp3 files talkin' bout " We are mastering the download. Please wait.". My n***a its been 3 weeks how long is this shit gonna take. So don't think that I've quit on my project just blame ClubCreate. Also some more news, I will start making videos on Youtube so sub me on there. As you all know I do enjoy video games and shit and i'm pretty damn funny to most people so I will Implement both of those on 2 channels. I have been kind of sick lately so I haven't been online as much. And I am working on a partnership with a few people to make vids.

I am open to any questions that any of you have you can PM me on here and I will answer them.

Thank you for your time and love- MekMob


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